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BG lifts spider cranes arrives in Australia

Global Machinery Sales (GMS) recently had the first of its BG lifts arrive in Australia from the supplier in Italy, heralding the company’s move into the spider crane sector for both its rental fleet and for sale.

As reported in the October edition of Cranes and Lifting, GMS will be stocking the Italian-made BG lifts and the very first machines have hit the GMS showroom after much anticipation.

The BG Lift product will enter Australia with a broad range of lifting capacities ranging from 580kg all the way up to 14.5t, with the initial models entering the rental fleet in the coming months for GMS.

Sam Evans from GMS has been instantly impressed by the machines and despite the excitement he had for its arrival, he says he has been blown away by the spider crane.

“We knew we were bringing a quality product to Australia but having it here and being able to use it has really blown us all away,” he said.

“The remote is extremely user friendly, the proportional controls are really nice with smooth movements for even novices like myself to use effectively,” he said. 

The multifunction proportional radio remote control provided with an integrated control display, allows the operator to verify in real time all the parameters of the machine to maximise its safety.

Evans says the BG lifts come with the same Yanmar engines used in the CMC spider lifts also stocked by GMS.

“They are actually really quiet, these cranes will have a lot of use in residential areas so for the diesel engines to be that quiet is such an asset,” Evans said.

The BG lifts range comes with the option for hybrid and electric engines which GMS aims to add to its rental fleet by late 2023.

“We got to test both the hybrid and electric spider cranes at bauma and I cannot wait to bring them here, the electric is impressive, astonishingly quiet but still as capable as the other engines,” he said.

“Seeing them in person as well as understanding how BG lifts operate gives us a lot of excitement for the future, they will continue to develop this product and we cannot wait to begin using them to provide feedback,” Evans said.

The team in the repair centre and the sales staff are equally impressed when it comes to the new BG lifts Evans says.

“Everyone loves them, the maintenance guys find the whole thing extremely accessible and easy to repair but they can see the componentry is extremely durable so can’t foresee many problems,” he said.

“The sales guys cannot wait to get it out, I think they can see a lot of demand for them moving forward, it will really shake up the spider crane sector,” he said.

With the BG lifts beginning to arrive GMS will aim to deepen its understanding of the crane as it brings it to market to support users as much as possible.

Global Machinery Sales has continued to grow its rental fleet and with the BG lifts set to join it in the coming months it will become a pivotal part of the Australian construction space. The BG lifts will join the fleet alongside the range of CMC spider lifts.

With both the spider cranes and spider lifts in its showroom the team at GMS has announced itself to the construction sector.

Sam Evans explains the benefits of the different spider lifts and how they may benefit the construction and lifting spaces.


This s a small, compact machine. It is used for either cutting hedges or going inside apartment buildings, it’s that small, it can go inside a large commercial lift. It is so compact it can get into most cramped areas. We see these being used in apartment buildings and large homes.


The S15F is a fully hydraulic machine which allows it to be simple to use and are perfect for the rental market. The compact size and impressive outreach make this machine popular with construction and rental markets due to its performance and versatility. With a greater height it is truly versatile completing work on a range of sites.


S18F it is the greatest of the new F-Series, it is fully hydraulic with 1 pantograph plus 2 telescopic boom extensions and an articulating jib. Easy to use, it can be towable on a trailer thanks to a weight of only 2,500 Kg. The S18F is our most popular lift and in particular a favourite in the rental fleet at all three states.

S19HD and S22HD

The 19HDs, and to the 22HDs, are a far bigger machine which GMS have available in all three states. They are more of a heavy-duty machine, it is great for arbour work and rough terrain work because they’ve got a really solid angle of approach. They have also got a heavy-duty, knuckled leg, which allows it to effectively be jacked up, lifting your legs up from the ground. You can work on a 15-to-20-degree angle. The GMS team find a lot of guys who are hanging signs or similar items that they’ve got to work at the back of a site to hang it where it can be challenging to access.

The CMC lifts are already used in a range of rental work.

The rental process from GMS is a simple one, they can tailor the whole rental procedure to any client across the eastern seaboard as Evans explains.

“We prefer having a client come to us to collect their rentals to ensure we can take them through the whole machine and explain all of the controls and issues to keep an eye out for,” he said.

“In saying that lifts can be delivered with instructions on board that will clearly explain how to use the machine and ways to troubleshoot any potential user errors. All that needs to be done is proof of an EWP license so we can be sure the user is competent in using that machine.

“We do this to ensure that we are not hiring these machines to just anybody, we take a lot of responsibility on board for safety in our industries so we will make sure the user is competent,” Evans said. 

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