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Better Business with Baden Davis Crane Connection

TIDD Pick and Carry cranes are distributed by the Baden Davis Crane Connection.

The Baden Davis Crane Connection was established in 2010 out of the collaborative vision of Anthony Davis and Ben Baden. In 2013 they became an authorised TRT dealer for the TIDD Pick and Carry Cranes in New South Wales.

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Since the launch of the TIDD Crane, TRT has been committed to continuously innovating and developing new solutions to address customer needs. This shared vision with Crane Connection made them a perfect match for a mutually beneficial partnership.

The decision for Crane Connection to become a TRT TIDD Crane dealer stemmed from the need for a credible alternative in the pick and carry crane market, especially when Franna held a monopoly on articulating cranes. Anthony Davis explains that TRT emerged as a reliable option with its TIDD Pick and Carry Crane.

TRT’s dedication to high-quality manufacturing and continuous innovation, paired with Crane Connection’s extensive customer base and longstanding history in the crane industry, formed the perfect synergy to support the TIDD Crane.

While initially focusing on TIDD sales, their offerings has expanded over time to include Kobelco sales and services, as well as Crane Outrigger Pads under the TRT brand. Anthony Davis elaborates, “What truly impresses me about the TIDD is its automotive finish and TRT’s proactive approach to enhancing the crane based on customer feedback.”

This became apparent when customer feedback highlighted concerns about the crane’s strength during articulation and on side slopes. TRT committed extensive efforts to address these concerns, guaranteeing stronger performance and reliability in those specific scenarios.

This was nine months in the making through engineering and testing, with the release of the PC28-2 in CICA October 2022, the TIDD was now stronger, with a lifting performance upgrade that has seen the success of the product grow. 

With an average of 17 per cent increased lifting performance on a side slope and up to a 40 per cent lifting capacity increase in some areas, and the extra interpolation of the articulation, the PC28 now packed a serious lifting performance while keeping its heritage of superior engineering and safety. 

“The feedback now from customers who have purchased new, or upgraded their PC28 to the new performance load charts, has been impeccable. It’s a true game changer,” Anthony said.

An outstanding feature, the Slew Safe system solidifies the TIDD Crane as Australia’s Safest Pick and Carry Crane. The cranes are delivered in impeccable condition, and fully equipped with all available options.

Crane Connection takes pride in offering dedicated personnel and unwavering phone support for their customers. They also maintain a well-stocked inventory of spare parts and employ skilled technicians who excel at swiftly diagnosing and addressing issues. To ensure a seamless experience, every customer receives a comprehensive operator familiarisation, complemented by using the TRT instructional videos.

TIDD Pick and Carry cranes are distributed by the Baden Davis Crane Connection.
The TIDD PC28 packs a serious lifting performance whilst maintaining its heritage of superior engineering and safety. Image: Baden Davis Crane Connection.

Brendan Cook, TRT Australia Crane Sales expert, states, “The collaboration between The Baden Davis Crane Connection and TRT exemplifies a successful partnership built on shared values and a commitment to excellence.” 

Andrew Whyte, recently appointed in a Sales role for Crane Connection, comes with more than 20 years of experience in the crane industry. He started his journey as a dogman/rigger and moved his way up to an operator’s role. In 2014 he opened his own business with a 20-tonne crane and expanded over the years to have multiple cranes up to 80 tonnes. 

“His experience as a crane operator and business owner is a huge advantage for Crane Connection and Andrew’s ability to connect with our customers from an operator’s perspective will be quite unique for our business,” Anthony Davis says.

Crane Connection has also made a strategic investment in a Demo Crane, the TIDD PC28, providing customers with a chance for a hands-on experience. During a two-week window, this demo crane will be available for hire at a discounted rate. The hire costs of the demo crane will be deducted if the customer proceeds to purchase of a new TIDD Crane.

TRT’s TIDD Crane dealer support and service network includes RMB Service Group in South Australia, JDM Diesel Services in Victoria, Ronco Construction Equipment and Engineering in Western Australia, and now Complete Crane Solutions, also in Western Australia.

The TIDD Pick and Carry Crane is available throughout Australia and New Zealand, to download our TIDD product guide or request a quote, visit the website:

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To learn more about Crane Connection, please visit the website: 


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