AWD Group – Experts in Telehandlers

The AWD Group have built a national reputation for service quality, onsite service vans and Authorised Parts & Service Agents throughout the country, as well as timely parts delivery anywhere across the nation.

Headquartered in Sydney and with locations in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, AWD also specialises in custom engineering machines (new or pre-owned) to suit the specific needs of their customers.

With more than two decades of experience, the AWD team are experts in telehandlers, EWP’s, cranes & travel towers.

Telehandlers – The multi-use machine

Working closely with authorised service partner, Dieci Australia, AWD can assist in the design and manufacture of tailor-made telehandlers and attachments. Dieci telehandlers can be customised to suit industry specific applications, while also complying with Australian design and compliance standards.

Used to transport, lift, and position light to heavy loads thanks to the presence of a hydraulically operated telescopic boom, telehandlers can perform various jobs using the same vehicle.

Compared to forklift trucks, telehandlers have far greater reach, hydraulic capacity and manoeuvrability. In many situations, these extremely versatile machines can replace forklift trucks, aerial platforms (PLE) and cranes in the construction sector and can easily handle aggregates such as gravel, earth and bricks.

Rotating telehandlers in Dieci’s Pegasus range can provide workers with a whole new dimension of operating on the job site. Possessing the capability to reach 360 degrees saves time and reduces a large amount of manual lifting when you’re not having to constantly move equipment around the work site.

A wide range of buckets, floating forks, fork carriers, grabs, jibs, hooks, and centering handlers can be fitted by AWD to suit a variety of tasks. When equipped with a man basket, telehandlers can easily act as an aerial platform, guaranteeing greater stability, load capacity and work platform dimensions.

Purpose-built workshop facilities are designed to enable AWD to efficiently service, maintain and customise equipment with dedicated employees who are fully qualified to offer the correct advice.

AWD also offer major inspections on telehandlers, along with all makes and models of elevated work platforms (EWPs). Any owner or controller of an EWP is required to implement a major inspection by a competent person by the end of the vehicle’s tenth year of service, and every five years after that.

A key part to AWD’s servicing strategy is a commitment to mobile service. Technicians provide on-site equipment service support thanks to a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles across the country.

In addition to the standard mobile service fleet, AWD also has a fully equipped fleet of mobile hydraulic hose and fitting repair vans. Available 24 hours, 7 days a week, the vans are stocked with a large range of hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses and fittings.

For operators of heavy machinery and many kinds of capital equipment, a hydraulic hose repair poses a particularly challenging problem. The hydraulic systems may only be a small part of the unit’s overall functionality or part of a mission-critical assembly that can’t function without robust hydraulic pressure. While some repairs might be possible with help from in-house professionals, in many cases, you may need to seek an outside resource for assistance. AWD provides the gold standard of industry-leading service for operators of hydraulic equipment. When you run into problems, you can rest assured that AWD has a rapid solution available.

AWD understands the cost of machine down-time caused by not having the part on hand to get equipment back up and running. Therefore, their large, on-site parts inventory is stocked with high-quality parts, including OEM parts to ensure your machines can run at their best.

The AWD Group’s customer service support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. For more information on the services they offer, call 133 293 or visit awdgrp.

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