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Automate & Digitise Field Service Operations

Per-vi-di- (verb, Latin) means to look over, survey and/or inspect.

Pervidi’s mission is to provide ‘Better Software’, ‘Better Support’ and ‘Better Value’ to its customers.

The Pervidi story began in 1999 when it launched its first version of its mobile application for PalmPilot devices for “field service” data collection.  Since then, it has continued to develop our powerful, yet easy to use digital solution for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Pervidi has now been used in a variety of industry sectors to automate field inspection, compliance and maintenance processes, and to eliminate paper-based operations. It has developed and implemented thousands of checklists that cover a wide range of topics from safety checklists to maintenance and quality assurance to pre-start checks and pre- and post- hire checks among many others. The checklists include multiple layers and logic: additional instructions, possible deficiencies, access to history, reference material, pre-configured corrective actions, minimum and maximum thresholds, automatic GPS timestamps and much more. The Pervidi solution also integrates smart workflows, and features such asset management, maintenance management, automated reports and alerts, work order scheduling, business intelligence and interfacing with other ERP and 3rd party software.

The Pervidi solution is a set of software components that are configured for each project. This unique approach to software implementation enables Pervidi to be used by small, medium and large companies alike, but still ensuring a highly tailored end product to meet needs and requirements.

Since Pervidi users control their checklists and reports, Pervidi can be used to automate a large variety of business processes and activities performed by field technicians. Whether that’s a periodic inspection of cranes, quality assurance check of construction material or build site compliance inspection; the Pervidi solution can host each one from the same mobile application.

The ability to automate inspections within the construction and lifting industries, such as personal JSA,  safety monitoring, SWMS, machinery pre-start checks or service follow-ups, can provide real value  for business improvement.

Techs4biz has offices in Melbourne – Australia, Toronto – Canada and Florida – USA.

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