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Autokrane Klar’s booming Tadano fleet

The new 110-tonne all-terrain Tadano crane in Autokrane Klar's fleet.

Global manufacturer Tadano has delivered a brand new 110-tonne all-terrain crane to Bavaria-based crane services firm Autokrane Klar.

Operating out of St. Wolfgang, the company made the choice to invest in a new Tadano AC 4.110-1 to expand its capabilities in lifting prefabricated building elements and building façades. Already owning a Tadano ATF 100 G4 labelled by Managing Director Stefan Klar as reliable and a high-performing machine, Autokrane turned to Tadano again for its second crane in the 100-tonne class.

“That’s why we chose the successor model, the AC 4.110-1, which is even better than the original in every respect,” he said. “It’s perfect for prefabricated and façade work right out of the box, and even more so with the optional equipment.”

Tadano’s AC 4.110-1 features a maximum main boom length of 60m, with a range of different jib and boom extension combinations giving the machine a maximum tip height of 96m. Capable of lifting at its 110-tonne maximum rated capacity at a radius of 2.5m, the crane can still safely lift loads at a maximum distance of 68m. For Klar and the Autokrane team, the lifting capacities offered by the 60m main boom provided the key point of difference, labelling the feature as the “best thing” about the AC 4.110-1.

Another key selling point for the Bavarian-based crane hire company was the compact nature of the 110-tonne all-terrain crane. Measuring in at 13.1m long and 2.75m wide, the crane’s narrow dimensions provide a heightened level of accessibility, which it maintains when operating with its full 30.4 tonnes of counterweight where it holds a tailswing radius of 3.8m.

Ordered with a second winch and heavy-lift runner to provide extra functionality in the areas it will be operated in, Autokrane’s machine was handed over to them by Sales Manager Hans Asam – the seventh time he has made the visit to St. Wolfgang, with the company’s fleet now possessing seven Tadano all-terrain cranes.

Autokrane Klar operates a fleet of cranes ranging from 35 tonnes through to 400 tonnes in capacity across the Bavaria region.


The new 110-tonne all-terrain Tadano crane in Autokrane Klar's fleet.
Hans Asam (Tadano Sales Manager), Julia Klar and Stefan Klar (Company Owner and Managing Director Autokrane Klar) with son Luka, Eberhard Gruber (Crane Operator Autokrane Klar), Evelyn Pröll (Crane Disposition Autokrane Klar)
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