Jack Alfonso

Guy McGowan's Lift Plan Australia is dedicated to providing detailed lift plans and studies to the crane industry.

Lift Plan Australia: lifting the standard of efficiency, one detailed lift plan at a time

Founder of Lift Plan Australia Guy McGowan has worked in the crane industry since his early twenties. With a raft of industry experience, knowledge and connections behind him, he’s decided to bring his innovative, customised solutions to the lifting industry through meticulous planning.
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Verton Technologies' history is one intertwined with the mining and offshore industries, supplying advanced, safe lifting and rigging technology.

Verton Technologies: lifting equipment designed for the mining and offshore industries

Verton Technologies has a proud history of working with and in the Western Australian economy. With plaudits received from various interest groups across the mining and offshore industries, Verton’s revolutionary load-stabilising technology is lifting the safety game to new standards.
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A detailed history of Boom Logistics involvement in the crane industry.

A detailed history of Boom Logistics

Today, Boom Logistics is a publicly listed company, employs over 500 staff and operates one of the largest crane fleets in the country; 25 years ago, Boom Logistics was the joint vision of three men, Allan McPherson, Frank Legena and Jack Hebiton; here, they take us back to where it all began in a detailed case study of the history of Boom Logistics.
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