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Australian load measuring technology, built tough

Delphi Measurement is an Australian owned business specialising in the design and manufacture of both standard and custom designed and built load measuring systems.

The product range comprises mainly of Load Pins, Tension Cells, Compression Cells, Pressure Transducers, Torque Sensors and other specialised sensors.

Delphi Measurement also integrates these products with systems designed to measure, monitor, control and record processes. This can vary from straightforward displays on equipment to more complex processes.

Common examples of products locally designed and manufactured by Delphi Measurement include crane load displays and safety monitoring systems, lifting and rigging applications, conveyor belt monitoring and tensioning.

Co-owner Mike Leonard says the keys to Delphi’s success is applying its expertise to solving each client’s unique challenges and an emphatic commitment to quality.

“We design and manufacture solutions for a wide variety of force monitoring and measurement applications, big or small. Clients who purchase our solutions invariably come back. They know we’ll do what it takes to solve specific issues and our components will stand the test of time in tough and robust applications which are not normally kind to technology,” said Leonard.

“Our products are used in a wide variety of industries including the crane sector, lifting and rigging industries, mining, manufacturing, marine, oil and gas, food and many others. We don’t just sell components, we partner with our clients to ensure the best solution is tailored for their specific needs and operations, and we follow through until it’s 100 per cent right. This is especially true for the crane, rigging and lifting sectors where we have excellent relationships with many of the rigging businesses across the country,” he said.

Delphi Measurement recently passed a major milestone celebrating 40 years in business. The core values of the business haven’t changed during this time with the focus remaining on providing world class solutions backed by the highest levels of responsiveness and service.

Delphi Measurement’s staff are highly qualified in calibration, electronics and specialist software development.

“A lot of our work is fixing problems where businesses have decided to purchase on price, and implemented products from overseas. They’ve been quickly let down.

“We design and typically manufacture solutions for a wide variety of force monitoring and measurement applications, big or small, and the people who use us invariably come back because they know we’ll do what it takes to solve their issues and our components will last.”

As well as designing and manufacturing specialist load and lifting sensors and components, Delphi offers solutions for conveyor belt tensioning, mining, manufacturing, CNC machining, calibration and repair work among other services.

“Measurement ranges of 100kg up to 1000t have been designed, machined, assembled and tested in our manufacturing facility on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

“Our load pins are well known within the crane, lifting and winch industries – thanks largely to the safety factor of our designs (typically 6:1) – to fall in line with rope safety factors in the lifting industry,” said Leonard.

“Many of our load pins are used to replace a pin in an existing machine or at the design/assembly phase of new equipment – often as part of a wedge socket, sheave or shackle. Our custom build capability and short lead times are critical to our success and the success of our client’s project,” he said.

“It’s very important for us to keep these bespoke services available in Australia. Our clients understand what the Australian Made logo stands for. We need to be here for other Australian manufacturers, and we need to keep championing industry in this country.

“Anyone can order a part online but once clients use our services, get to see first-hand our commitment to providing a quality solution that’s just for them, they always come back.

“We’re very proud of what we do. The quality of our products and solutions and the service we offer is second to none. We’re always very happy to fly the flag for the Australian crane, rigging and lifting sector,” said Leonard.

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