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Australian Constructors Association joins Infrastructure Net Zero initiative

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has joined forces with a range of other private sector peak bodies and federal agencies to launch the Infrastructure Net Zero joint initiative.

The initiative seeks to recognise the importance of infrastructure development in modern society while factoring in the “unequivocal” case for climate action. Highlighting the roles government, investors, and civil society need to play in the race to net zero by 2050, the joint initiative focuses on how the construction industry can deliver a progressively decarbonised industry for Australia by 2030.

According to Climateworks Centre, as of 2020, infrastructure directly or indirectly contributes to up to 70% of Australia’s carbon emissions. This can be through the secretion of CO2 from concrete and other superstructures, or through powering machines with fossil fuels.

Jon Davies, CEO of the ACA, said the initiative underscores the close collaboration between government and industry in creating a clear path for the sector to reach net zero emissions.

“We are entering a time where we need everything all at once – net zero, decarbonisation, sustainability – and navigating the policy landscape is challenging,” said Davies. “This initiative will help to join the dots.”

“If we are to reach our goal, we need to start doing things differently now,” he continued. “The immediate priority areas will include defining net zero for infrastructure, reaching alignment between public and private sectors, uplifting capability in the supply chain and procuring for net zero.”

“The path to net zero is a collaborative one and we are already on our way.”

Members of the Infrastructure Net Zero initiative:

  • Australian Constructors Association
  • Australasian Railways Association
  • Clean Energy Finance Corporation
  • Consult Australia
  • Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications & the Arts
  • Green Building Council Australia
  • Infrastructure Australia
  • Infrastructure Partnerships Australia
  • Infrastructure Sustainability Council
  • Roads Australia.

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