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Ashburton Crane Hire’s 20 year commitment to outstanding service and reliability

Ashburton Crane Hire is one of the leading WA crane hire companies.

Ashburton Crane Hire husband and wife team Guy and Tenille Black, reflect on the near 20-year journey they have been on, their future plans for the business and how they are reinvesting in the industry. 

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In 2005, Guy and Tenille started Ashburton Crane Hire with a 20-tonne Franna and a lot of doorknocking. The only way Ashburton Crane Hire (ACH) has ever known is providing an outstanding level of customer service to its clients. It has taken almost 20 years of hard work to get the business to the position it is in today, says Tenille.

“Guy has grown up around cranes with his father establishing Onslow Crane Hire in the Pilbara. Guy is very passionate about the Cranes and Transport industry. But we had little experience of running a business, we had a young family and it was all a bit crazy in the early days. Looking back, it would have been really helpful to have some sort of support system back then, a network where we could share our experiences and learn from others in a similar situation,” said Tenille. 

“Growing up, we were told not to talk about or admit if you are having troubles or if you’re failing, and you don’t ask for help. So, we never asked for help and made lots of mistakes along the way, but as we progressed with the business, we realised other business owners were going through the similar pain. The more authentic you are and talk to people about it, you connect more which leads to more business and better business relationships,” she said.

“I was a young Mum, business owner and working fulltime in the business, at times it felt as though we were muddling our way through this whole rollercoaster ride, but we muddled through successfully. We have worked hard on the culture of our business, and we are very proud of the community we have built. 

“We receive so many positive comments about the energy and banter our office staff generates and we always get great feedback with our crews out in the field. I feel like we are now in a situation where it would be really good to help other people, particularly women, who find themselves in similar situations to where we have been. I wanted to create an environment where trust and sharing are key objectives and that’s how ‘Ladies in Lifting’ came about,” she said.

Ashburton Crane Hire is one of the leading WA crane hire companies.
Tenille Black. Image: Ashburton Crane Hire

As the title would suggest, Ladies in Lifting is a forum for women in the Western Australian crane industry. 

“We meet monthly at our office, and we provide an environment where attendees are comfortable sharing their experiences and knowledge. Ultimately, we want women in male dominated industry to understand and feel that whatever role they have, they are not alone, and, in many instances, someone has been through the same experience and can probably help with advice and direction. We also have a bit of fun and lots of laughs.

“Sometimes it’s not possible for people to physically attend so they dial in via Teams. Ultimately, Ladies in Lifting is designed to connect the network of women in this industry, and to reassure them we all face similar challenges,” said Tenille.

As ACH turns 20 next year, Tenille discusses the plans for the next 10 years and how she and Guy will further improve on the services provided to customers. ACH is now driven by goals of building a safer, more connected, innovative future through exceptional crane hire solutions. This realignment includes balance, excellence, trust, responsibility, discipline, passion, perseverance, unity, innovation and achievement. 

“Combining exceptional talent and a large modern fleet, we are committed to industry leadership. We aim to set new standards in service and reliability with dedication to excellence in every aspect of our operations,” she said.

ACH operates two depots covering the Northern and Southern regions of Western Australia and has both its fleet and personnel based in Perth and Port Hedland servicing multiple industries. This includes ompleting projects in the oil and gas, mining, construction, marine domestic and infrastructure industries.

One of the challenges of operating in Western Australia is its remoteness. For the team at ACH, however, that challenge is its strength; with its facility in Port Hedland, the company is equipped to serve even the most remote customers, as Guy underscores.

“Our capacity to work remotely is highlighted by our maintenance work in lithium and iron ore mining, remote camp relocations and general transportation, all in the north-west region of WA,” he says. “Additionally, we’ve also completed the replacement of water tanks in remote indigenous communities as far as Fitzroy Crossing, replacing trays on haul packs, completing building works at Onslow, Karratha and Parraburdoo and the rest of the Pilbara,” he said.

Servicing the mining and resources industries represents only a fraction of ACH’s true capabilities, with the company working on the Western Australian Government’s $10.5 billion Metronet infrastructure projects throughout Perth metro and the wheatbelt. Ashburton Crane Hire has been able to showcase its diversity in the wide range of projects run from its Perth depot. 

Ashburton Crane Hire is a name synonymous with A Grade crane hire solutions in the Western Australian lifting and craneage industry. And, with a crane hire fleet of over 30 machines with capacities ranging from the 20-tonne Franna that started the company through to its 300-tonne Demag, it’s not hard to see why. But, as Guy stresses, an aspect of its business that often flies under the radar is its heavy haulage service offering that it supplies to its customers. Additionally, ACH operates a substantial transport division, equipped to handle customers’ needs for, road trains or oversize combinations. 

“Should customers have any upcoming requirements for crane or transport services from a proudly Western Australian owned and run family business, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

“We are here to provide competetive quotes and assist with all your logistical challenges,” said Guy. 

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