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ANC Cranes expands Maeda fleet

ANC Cranes recently added a number of Maeda mini cranes to its fleet. The latest additions include the Maeda MC405C-3 hybrid model. ANC Cranes’ Craig Davies explains how the fleet is expanding and what he likes about the Maedas in his fleet.

“We have a total of 10 Maedas and these include the MC285C, the MC305C and the MC405C which is a hybrid model, and we are hoping to add to the fleet in 2023,” Craig says.

“We purchased the Maeda MC305C in September 2022 and the Maeda MC405C in December 2022,” he said.

The MC285C-3 is a very popular model in the Maeda range as it is one of the more versatile mini cranes. 

The multi position outrigger system is controlled by moment limiter which means operators can set the outriggers in different positions and still lift a load according to the maximum rated total load between outriggers that are fully extended. 

The MC285C-3 has a lifting capacity of 2.82t at a distance of 1.4m and a maximum lifting height of 8.7m. 

The model also includes a slew angle limit setting, an 18cm display, HBC radio remote control and detachable electric motor. The Yanmar diesel engine meets requirements for the new gas emission standards of EU Stage V.

Craig says ANC Cranes uses their Maeda fleet widely, advising the types of jobs the mini crawlers are best suited for. 

“Because they are great with jobs which have very tight access, we use Maedas across all our customer works. “On any given day, we will find them being deployed to all manner of projects including underground works, general construction, high rise construction, infrastructure projects right through to the installations of residential pools and spas,” said Craig.

“Our business continues to grow and we are continually updating and adding to our fleet to keep up with the demand. One of the more recent purchases is the Maeda MC 405C-3 which has a lifting capacity of 3.83t,” he said.

The Maeda MC405 C-3 features the best of design. With a maximum working radius of 16m and a lifting capacity of 3.83t x 2.7m this is a powerful crane is suitable for a range of jobs and sites. It offers a maximum lifting height (on the ground) of 16.8m and 20.7m with fly jib, and a maximum working radius 16m x 0.21t. The MC405C-3 also features an outrigger safety system.

ANC Cranes deployed the Maedas to all manner of projects including underground works, general construction, high rise construction.

According to Craig the Maeda mini crawler cranes are very robust, technologically advanced in nature and extremely reliable.

“We find the Maedas to be incredibly reliable machines.Our operators think they are fantastic, and they find it amazing to see what a smaller crane can achieve. When I asked our team about the Maedas the feedback was very positive.

“They are impressed with the flexibility of the cranes and their ability to set up multiple times in tight access conditions in the minimum amount of time. They are impressed with the versatility of the Maedas and how they fit into most places and how easy it is to pack up without having to wait on a trailer too arrive,” he said.

“The Maeda is an all in one crane with no counterweights or support vehicles required. They are great for working on big building jobs which need inside work. They can be lifted by tower cranes and also fit easily onto crane decks and loading platforms for multiple level travels and work. As our team reported, they are quick easy to setup, compact for portability and for a little crane they do a lot of work,” said Craig.

Craig explains that ANC Cranes also works closely with Pace Cranes.

“The service and support we receive from Pace Cranes is fantastic. We can’t fault them,” Craig says.

“Anthony and Michael from Pace Cranes and the ANC Cranes team get along really well and we are proud to partner them for all our Maeda requirements including sales, service and parts support. 

“We have required some modifications on a number of machines to ensure 100 per cent compliance on some sites and nothing was too much trouble for the Pace Team to have these done,” he added.

Maedas can be lifted by tower cranes and also fit easily onto crane decks and loading platforms for multiple level travels and work.

Craig adds that the hybrid technology feature in the Maeda MC405C-3 is one of its most important attributes. 

“Like all businesses we are very much focused on environmental responsibilities and working in a sustainable manner. “We can see the Maeda MC405C-3 being the start of beginning of a whole new era for mini telescopic crawler cranes. The Maeda MC405C-3 will make a significant contribution to reducing our carbon emission footprint.

“It won’t be long before we see construction sites requesting battery operated construction equipment such as mini crawlers to stop emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of a construction site,” said Craig.

“The benefits of hybrid battery powered mini crawlers include the lack of downtime, the reduction in risk as we won’t need dangerous goods cabinets on site to store fuel, and no need for spill kits, as these issues will be things of the past.”

“We view Maeda as a leading innovator in the mini crane sector and we are seeing a continual development in the product line up which takes into account future environmental compliance and where the construction is likely to be in the short and medium term. 

“With their understanding of the product and the requirements of customers like us, the teams at Maeda
and Pace Cranes are the ideal partner
for the smaller capacity, but none the
less a critical element of our crane fleet,” Craig says. 

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