An aerial work platform for any challenge

Beginning in 1985, Skyjack has continued to develop products that combine durability with a quality product.

Skyjack’s range of aerial work platforms are designed to take operators and materials to work at height with the optimal level of safety. All of its equipment has been designed with the end user in mind and are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance, and industrial applications.

The product range is comprised of:

DC scissors

Skyjack’s electrically powered DC Scissor Lifts offer a quiet, compact, and versatile package with zero emissions, and are capable of manoeuvring in confined indoor and outdoor job sites.

Vertical Masts

Skyjack’s Vertical Mast Lifts provide a quiet and versatile package with zero emissions. With a new mast design, direct AC electric drive, drivable at full height, and less hydraulic connection points, the range boasts increased duty cycle expectations. The Vertical Mast Lifts have exceptional manoeuvrability and Skyjack’s unique traversing platform make these Next Generation masts an ideal choice for a wide range of requirements across varying industries.

Rough Terrain Scissors

Skyjack’s Rough Terrain Scissors offer a large working area, impressive platform capacities, unequalled rough terrain performance and optional self-leveling outriggers making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


Skyjack offers a range of telescopic and articulating booms which offer precise position capabilities packaged in a high-capacity boom with industry-leading up and overreach. The tight turning radius of these machines and minimal tail swing, make them ideal for manoeuvring in all situations. All Skyjack Booms feature EASYDRIVETM. This means the boom lift controls are always in the orientation of the operator regardless of the position of the turret over the chassis. This reduces operator confusion by eliminating the need for color coded arrows to determine driver versus joystick direction.

In terms of volume, the Skyjack range is led by the SJ3219, an all-around versatile DC Scissor that has recently seen the introduction of the XStep.

Through industry research and observations, it was commonplace to see operators standing on railings to gain a little more height to access small areas. For example, standing on the railings to obtain access through suspended ceiling tiles.

Using Skyjack’s XStep helps eliminate this dangerous practice and maximizes reach and productivity by providing operators with safe, increased access into and around tight, restricted spaces and avoids the elevated risk of falling from the platform.

The XStep consists of a swing down base with full height railings that in turn is securely mounted on the mid rails of the scissor lift. The operator can step up 48 centimetres into the XStep, close the top rail and work safely gaining extra jobsite access. The XStep is mid-rail mounted and provides 0.48m additional working height, 1.15m high rails and self-locking gate with 113kg capacity. It has full access to the upper controls to allow normal movement around the jobsite and when stowed is lower than the base unit platform rails

Important in the design has been the ability for one person to install the XStep using no special tools or lifting equipment and to do so in five minutes. It is retrofittable to previous Skyjack DC scissor models and can easily be moved from one scissor to another, increasing a rental company’s fleet flexibility.

Another standout in the Skyjack fleet is the new SJ12 E/16 E Vertical Masts which features working heights ranging from 5.65m to 6.75m, fully proportional drive and lift controls, direct AC variable speed electric drive which provides up to 30 per cent duty cycle improvement, improved controllability, and consistent torque, with 70% less hydraulic connections.

In addition, the new inverted telescopic mast incorporates a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder which eliminates chains, cables, and rollers to reduce maintenance. Like the previous generation the mast is located at the rear to provide a totally unrestricted view and excellent manoeuvrability with a zero inside steering radius. Top of the mast is now in line with the platform rails, which when traversed provides up to 0.41m up-and-over capability.

On-board diagnostics provide real-time information in simple readouts and the lift up maintenance hatch offers easy, unrestricted access to all major components and batteries for routine servicing.

The SJ12 E and SJ16 E are one of the first Skyjack products to feature the company’s ECO label offering a 15% operational carbon saving compared to previous models.

Whilst the Skyjack models are a feat of modern engineering, they can still stand up to the rigours of working on challenging construction sites.

Skyjacks Rough Terrain Scissors feature cross over symmetrical four-wheel drive that delivers the maximum torque to all wheels for traction, making them ideal for typical job site conditions.

The mid and full-size models feature an axle-based four-wheel drive system with a ‘detroit locker’ type rear differential and a limited slip front differential. This provides improved performance, durability and traction making them suitable for even the most demanding job sites.

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