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Almacrawler releases Multi-Loader range

AlmaCrawler, the Italian-based manufacturer of innovative self-levelling tracked equipment including the Athena and Jibbi, have added to its range of tracked carrier Multi-Loaders. Bob Mules, general manager for Almac Pacific, tells Cranes and Lifting more about the Multi-Loader range and explains how he sees the product assisting the local construction and crane sectors.

Alamacrawlers tracked access equipment, has been successfully operating in the Australian and New Zealand access equipment markets for close to six years. In this time, the scissor and boom lift ranges have earned a reputation for operating safely in complex, specialised areas of the construction sector, especially on uneven, sensitive terrains where accessibility
is a real challenge. Bob Mules, general manager for Almac Pacific is confident the Multi-Loader range will have the same impact.

Mules explained that the Multi-Loader is the company’s range of tracked loaders featuring AlmaCrawler patented bi-levelling technology, as well as the new full-electric drive technology the company is looking to implement on future products. The patented bi-leveling technology enables the surface of the Multi-Loader to remain constantly horizontal even when it is operating on rough or sloping terrain up to inclinations of 20° longitudinally and 15° laterally.

“This is a big plus when you think about some of the terrains a crane has to operate in,” Mules said. “These are designed as support or assist vehicles, especially for the crane sector. Typically, you will see our Multi-Loaders operating in confined areas which can’t be reached by a crane. This might be because the crane is obstructed from getting to the load by a structure, or because of the distance.”

“A tunnelling project is a good example. Cranes are lifting materials and equipment in and out of access points all the time. These products are then moved where required. Rather than tie up a valuable asset like a Franna pick and carry crane, the Multi-Loader can transport the product, safely and efficiently to where it is needed.

“We have had access to the Multi- Loader range for some time and we have sold a number of units locally. We have monitored the feedback from the owners and watched the performance of the loaders and we believe now is the right timing to release the product to the broader market,” he said.

There are three models in the AlmaCrawler Multi-Loader range. The Multi-Loader 2.5 has a capacity of 2.5 tonnes and the largest model, the Multi- Loader 6.0 has a capacity of 6.0 tonnes both feature the bi levelling technology. The third model, the recently released ML3.0FX, is a three tonne capacity loader which runs on a standard crawler track system.

The unique and innovative tracking system adopted by AlmaCrawler, allows the carrier to operate on all different types of terrain, ensuring the maximum manoeuvrability and precision even in the narrowest of spaces, with the minimum ground pressure. Each model is available with full remote control which enhances their operability and also their safety.

The Multi-Loader 2.5 has a capacity of 2.5t. Environmentally friendly and silent, this Multi Loader provides versatility for both internal and external environments. The Dynamic Levelling System of the Load-Deck is completely automatic, even on slopes and uneven surfaces.
The Multi-Loader can overcome both longitudinal slopes until it reaches 20° (40 per cent) and lateral slopes until 14° (25 per cent) at the same time, always ensuring the absolute integrity and safety of the load being carried.

The innovative lead chrystal battery power pack (48v-180Ah) provides 10 hours of working time in mixed cycle, taking advantage of a maximum movement speed of 2.2km/h. A high frequency battery charger directly installed inside the main chassis, allows the full charge of the Multi-Loader in only five hours, while an auxiliary mains electric pump 220V-2.2kW enables the possibility to use the carrier on mains power.

The Multi-Loader 6.0, is the largest crawler carrier and this model is also equipped with the bi-levelling system and radio remote controls, designed to meet the needs of those who carry heavy loads, up to six tonnes. To achieve such a high capacity, the Almacrawler design and engineering team has developed the Multi Loading platform, an innovative element that offers the possibility of handling large loads of different types.

“The Multi-Loader 6.0 offers the same advantages as the smaller models with crawler drive system and low ground pressure, but with the added capacity – giving operators the possibility to transport up to six tonnes. It is able to operate on all types of ground, even and uneven, and for a large capacity machine, it offers excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The Dynamic Levelling technology ensures safe use on steep slopes,” said Mules.

In order to guarantee use in different environments, the Multi-Loader 6.0 is available in three versions with different types of motor units. Specifically.
The Multi Loader ELC is a full electric model featuring a Lead Crystal, 48v-180Ah battery pack, which ensures up to 8 hours of mixed cycle operation, travelling at a maximum speed of 2.6 km/h. Thanks to the high-frequency battery charger installed directly inside the main chassis, it is possible to charge the battery completely in just 5 hours, while a 220V- 2.2Kw auxiliary electric pump allows for the carrier to be used on mains power.

The Multi Loader EVO – equipped with a high-performance Yanmar 3TNV76 (diesel) – 25HP combustion engine, reaches a maximum speed of 3.7 km/h and is mainly suited for outdoor use.

Multi Loader Bi-Energy features two engines, combustion and electric, and this model offers greater versatility for both indoor and outdoor applications.

“The applications for the Multi- Loader are numerous. With a six tonne capacity I can see good demand in the construction sector, especially with the infrastructure boom happening in all states,” said Mules.

“I see this model as being an ideal support vehicle for transporting building material, industrial and civil fixtures, glass panels, generators. You currently see a million dollar plus pick and carry crane managing this sort of work. Our platforms can play a similar role for a fraction of the cost,” he said.

With a continual commitment to innovate and improve products to
meet the demands of a rapidly evolving construction sector the AlmaCrawler design and engineering team has designed, optional equipment for the Bi- Energy version of the Multi-Loader 6.0, including the T-Crane Kit.

As the name would suggest, the T-Crane Kit is a small crane fitted to the platform. With a maximum capacity of 990 kg and a reach of between 2m and 4.3m depending on the weight lifted. When it isn’t required, the crane can be easily removed from the Multi-Loader platform, so that it can be used as a simple carrier. The standard version of the T-Crane Kit includes an extension cable transducer, encoder for turret rotation and an inclination sensor for the boom angle.

The latest addition to Multi-Loader line up is the ML 3.0 FX. This model is
a powerful and versatile flatbed truck carrier which can be used in various heavy-duty applications both indoors and outdoors, with a maximum load capacity of three tonnes. It has class leading electric drive with two super quiet AC electric motors, 5.3 kW each [rated IP 67]. The ML 3.0FX can be fitted with both AGM or Lithium batteries, both options inside an easily extractable battery pack that will allow you to change it quickly on the job site and continue your work.

It has four telescopic support beams on each angle to provide for added support for extra-large loads. These can be positioned into place manually and therefore extend the platform either longitudinally or laterally. The standard swivel platform sits on a freely rotating slewing ring with 16 different positions which you can also manually choose from and easily adapt the platform to your load.

Finally, the new ML 3.0 FX with its electric drive weighs less than 800kg, features longer tracks and adaptive rollers representing AlmaCrawler’s desire to cater to its materials handling customers and their wide range of needs.

“The AlmaCrawler range of Multi- Loaders are smart pieces of equipment and extremely versatile,” said Mules. “We have wanted to be sure about their suitability for the local markets and the feedback from customers using the current models has been extremely positive.”

“We are confident there will be demand from various industry sectors especially crane hire businesses in the construction industry. With this type of technology, we believe it is important to have the right distribution, support and service network in place.

“With this in mind, I am in conversations with a number of potential distributors around the country. They are already crane specialists and distributors of crane related products and understand the demands of the industry. I will have more to say about these developments as they take shape,” said Mules.

“I am sure the concept of incorporating our Multi-Loader system into crane fleets will not have occurred to the many in the industry. I will be very happy to discuss the versatility of our AlmaCrawler range and how they are capable of making a very constructive contribution to any crane hire business,” he said.



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