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Advancing Manufacturing Taskforce established

An Advancing Manufacturing Taskforce has been established to investigate, promote and advocate for policies that create local, national and international opportunities for manufacturing in Western Sydney.

The Taskforce also includes representatives from the Sydney Science Park, Schools Industry Partnership, universities and tertiary education, and local manufacturers.

Federal Member for Lindsay Melissa McIntosh said representatives in manufacturing, industry, business and education were brought together to tackle the obstacles facing Australian manufacturing and form practical solutions that create local jobs, for local people.

“Australian innovation, value and quality set us apart and give us a competitive advantage. By educating and training our kids in the jobs of the future, we can create and sustain generations of local jobs through advancing manufacturing,” McIntosh said.

She said the taskforce will “will work across sectors to bring together local and national experience to explore new and exciting ways to create local jobs by backing Australian manufacturing. Western Sydney holds the key, if we are willing to fight for it.”

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Taskforce member Don Wright, Head of Launch Pad Innovation Program at Western Sydney University, said, “Western Sydney has an opportunity to establish itself as an advanced manufacturing innovation leader in the Asia Pacific region by embracing technology such as Industry 4.0 to compete on value, not cost.”

Managing Director of local manufacturer SpanSet Kristian Pritchett said the capability of Australian manufacturers to beat the competition on value and quality.

“With advanced manufacturing, we will bring about the efficiencies required to lower production costs and allow Australian manufacturers to compete against comparable imported products,” Pritchett said.

Lead Scientist at the Royal Institute of Australia, Professor Alan Duffy, emphasised the importance of education and training.

“It’s critical we teach all our students as well as existing employers on the opportunities and excitement that advanced manufacturing presents us,” Duffy said.

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