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Advanced safety and reassurance with UAA’s mobile plant insurance

UAA covers Advanced Cranes with its mobile plant insurance.

Advanced Cranes & Rigging CEO, Jonathan Goode, discusses the Victoria-based crane hire company’s relationship and experiences with leading mobile plant insurance company, UAA.

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Victoria-based Advanced Cranes & Rigging sends its machines out to all corners of Australia to supply necessary cranage to clients who require its  services.

With a variety of machines and equipment spotted on wind farms in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, Victoria’s Big Build, and a range of domestic construction jobs, the work conducted by the major crane hire company is constantly high stakes – and, with high stakes jobs comes the need for a high level of insurance.

“We’re very mindful of the risk associated with any job,” said Jonathan Goode, CEO of Advanced Cranes &  Rigging. “It’s why we turn to UAA and its’ tailored coverage.”


Jonathan has been CEO of the major crane hire company for the past three years. His previous roles have included significant executive positions at one of Australia’s largest freight rail companies, Aurizon, and in the ports with Patrick Corporation and Svitzer Australasia. In short, his career has seen him consistently involved in logistics, the transportation of bulk goods and heavy, expensive loads, providing him with an authoritative basis to discuss insurance.

Advanced Cranes has been with UAA for over 12 years now and the Victoria-based crane hire company has stuck fast with the insurers thanks to the comprehensive nature of UAA’s deals. The degree of coverage Jonathan feels Advanced Cranes receives from UAA is second-to-none, as the all-encompassing aspect of its coverage provides a holistic service to Advanced Cranes. 

“UAA is able to cover all our equipment, such as rigging equipment, trucks, trailers, lifting gear, workshop equipment, counterweights and, of course, our cranes,” he said. “With UAA, the comprehensive package is set up to understand the specific needs of the crane industry; with that comes tailored coverage perfectly suited to our needs.”

Among UAA’s packages for the crane industry is the Industrial Special Plant/Mobile Plant and Machinery package that includes seven coverage sections in one comprehensive mobile plant and equipment insurance package, that UAA tailors to meet the needs of clients. 

The seven sections comprise damage for owned mobile plant and equipment, breakdown of equipment, broad form liability, coverage for hires in plant, financial protection to protect a business from financial losses, and cover for third party property damage. With so many moving parts in the cranes and lifting industry and so many valuable loads or pieces of machinery involved at various points of a job, being covered so comprehensively takes an added element of stress out of the operation for Advanced Cranes’ CEO.

“Our scope of work sees us conduct difficult, complex logistical and lifting operations across some high-stakes sectors, such as civil infrastructure, wind farms, rail projects, hospitals, modules, and even back yard objects,” he said. “With UAA’s coverage, we’re able to specify exactly what it is that we want covered during each individual job.”

And so, despite it being a prophylactic measure, working in tandem with UAA, an insurer with over 30 years of experience and a global mobile plant insurance powerhouse, lets the team at Advanced Cranes & Rigging sleep easy at night, according to Jonathan. 

“We’ve got a real peace of mind being insured by UAA,” he said. “No one can forecast potential problems popping up on site, and knowing that we’re covered puts us at  ease.”

UAA covers Advanced Cranes with its mobile plant insurance.
UAA has over 30 years of experience and one of the most highly respected mobile plant insurance companies. Image: Shutterstock
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