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A SuperDeck solution for every project

Preston Hire’s SuperDeck loading platforms have been in high demand recently, playing an important role on a number of major projects along the east coast.

With three main sizes available in the SuperDeck range, and multiple options available in between, Preston Hire continues to demonstrate their ability to provide solutions for even the most challenging of projects, delivering safe, easy to use, and highly efficient materials handling results. Recently appointed general manager of Preston Hire, Mike Thomas, explained the versatility of the company’s SuperDeck fleet and what they can bring to a work site.

“The SuperDecks’ main use is the loading of materials, equipment, and supplies to and from the various levels of a building under construction,” he said. 

“They can solve a number of challenges on site thanks to their proven design that has been put to the test for decades and always delivers.”

Thomas went on to provide details of a number of projects that have relied heavily on Preston Hire SuperDecks. Each project has different requirements and unique circumstances that have easily been overcome by the SuperDeck system demonstrating the varying size, scope, and uses of each platform.

One Sydney Harbour

The One Sydney Harbour project features three residential towers with 68 levels and 322 apartments that include full floor or part floor homes. The second of the three towers will reach 230 metres and will look over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and back west across the Darling Harbour.

“Approximately 50 x 4.2 SuperDecks are being used on the One Sydney Harbour project managed by Lendlease. It is a major project and one we are proud to be involved with. The 4.2m-wide platform was selected for this site as they provide ample room to work with and around a load,” Thomas said. 

“A project of this scale requires large quantities of materials, including the delivery of pallets of masonry or Gyprock to each floor. Our 4.2s thrive when bulky materials need to be lifted. The 4.2s have also been put to good use for façade panels and structural steel segments thanks to the size of the platform.

“Working with Lendlease, we understand that safety is paramount, especially when workers are 50 floors in the air. As with all Lendlease projects, lockable swing gates have been fitted by the Preston Hire team on the inside end of each platform, preventing people walking out onto the platform, and providing an additional layer of safety,” Thomas said. 

“We will always go the extra mile for specific customer requests, especially when safety is concerned. We place a huge focus on all safety elements of our SuperDecks. Components like locking pins, the rear jacks, the H-frame, end stop plates, lifting lugs, and the gates are all regularly inspected and tested,” he said. 

“Our maintenance teams always check the full functionality of all components and overall appearance of the platform before any SuperDeck is supplied to our customers. It is in our DNA to only deliver top quality to our customers” Thomas said.

17 Spring Street, Melbourne

Hacer is building 72 luxury apartments over 32 levels in Melbourne’s CBD, with four basement levels for car parks. Preston Hire has supplied eight 3.2m SuperDecks as they are the most practical size for this building structure.

Preston Hire supplied eight 3.2 metre SuperDecks. The form worker utilised a conventional formwork system and no tables were used making the 3.2 SuperDeck a perfect fit for the project.

“The form worker utilised a conventional formwork system and no tables were used. This approach made the 3.2 SuperDeck a perfect fit for the project. Stacked in a vertical row, each of the SuperDeck platforms moves in and out to receive their load, delivering reduced crane movements, and saving time and money,” Thomas explains.

“We always meet with our clients prior to a job, where one of our skilled team members will discuss the project and all of the intricate needs of the build. Our team will then be able to provide suitable solutions, recommend appropriate deck sizes and provide general suggestions on ways that the client could save in the long run. This could be through suggesting smaller propping requirements, flexible installation arrangements, or providing more efficient equipment.

“Many customers are pleasantly surprised at how cost effective a Preston Hire SuperDeck solution can be when our team has the opportunity to review the project in full,” Thomas said.

Jewel, Sunshine Coast

Jewel is a new eight-storey residential project on the Sunshine Coast that Preston Hire recently commenced work on. The company delivered 28 x 2.2 SuperDecks to the site and these were installed across the seven levels of the project. 

Four platforms per level have been used due to the unique layout and design of each floor. The 2.2m SuperDeck was chosen as no modification to the scaffolding was required and installation would be simple,” said Thomas.

“By utilising the SuperDecks for this site, we were able to save time, investment, and energy for the builder. Due to the nature of the glazing on the site, our 2.2s were the ideal size with no larger requirements needed and all materials, including formwork, cabinetry, plaster board, and rubbish handling for the project can be safely handled by the 2.2 SuperDeck,” he said.

Beyond these major projects, Preston Hire is also working closely with builders across the country on unique, boutique, and regionally-located builds that can also benefit from the advantages delivered by the SuperDeck.

Preston Hire delivered 28 x 2.2 SuperDecks to this site on the Sunshine Coast and these were installed across the seven levels of the project. By utilising the SuperDecks for this site, Preston Hire was able to save time, investment and energy for the

“The beauty of our SuperDeck fleet is its versatility. We know it can genuinely provide significant value and improve efficiencies no matter the size of a build. 

“We love working on projects of all sizes and always offer our expertise, knowledge, and engineering abilities to our customers. We want them to count on us for any services we can provide,” said Thomas. 

In addition to typical uses of the SuperDeck, a number of customers have used the decks for a range of applications.

“Most of our SuperDecks are used for delivery of supplies, equipment, and materials to and from the various levels of a building under construction. 

“However, some projects have hired additional SuperDecks to provide temporary overhead protection in a tricky location, as storage space for materials and tools, or to act as a central location for debris generated during the build that can easily be cleared as needed,” Thomas said. 

“Our SuperDecks can add value to a project in many surprising ways.

“The Preston Hire SuperDeck has stood the test of time for many good reasons. It is a reliable, trusted, exceptionally safe, and versatile product that importantly comes with the support and resources of a global business. 

“We have been designing and operating loading platforms for decades, we know their capabilities, we know they can withstand the elements, we know they provide a safe environment for personnel, and we love hearing from delighted customers who experience the benefits first-hand,” said Thomas. 

“The SuperDeck has an impressive history, however the future is what excites us!”

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