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A Glimpse into the World Crane and Transport Summit

Singapore, the bustling metropolis known for its stunning skyline and vibrant economic landscape, recently played host to the prestigious World Crane and Transport Summit.
Australian representatives at the World Crane and Transport Summit

This global gathering of industry professionals, visionaries and experts left attendees with a deeper understanding of the sector’s intricacies, helping the forge new connections and offering insights into the future of crane and transport. 

Global Meeting of Minds

From October 4 and 5, the World Crane and Transport Summit brought together professionals from diverse backgrounds within the crane and transport industry. It was great to see so many international and local leaders in lifting and transport share projects and lifting methodology.

Attendees hailed from all over the world, creating a dynamic and diverse environment of global collaboration and networking, reflecting the truly international nature of the industry. 

The Summit followed the Singapore Crane Carnival and was part of Singapore Crane Week.

Impressive speakers and insights

The summit’s extensive program gave attendees a deeper insight into the sector’s latest developments, innovations and challenges. 

Australia was well represented with Andrew Taylor and Tom Clark’s presentation on multi-hook lifting of concrete elements a highlight of the event.  

Multi-hook lifting systems have emerged as a game-changing solution to the challenges that come with lifting pre-cast concrete elements. These systems employ multiple attachment points, distributed strategically across the concrete element, allowing for a more balanced and secure lift. 

This innovation ensures even weight distribution, reducing the risk of structural damage and enhancing safety for both workers and the construction project.

Tom and Andrew were also able to share the upcoming release of a Transport for NSW reference guide for riggers and doggers that can be used internationally.

Sydney economist Dr Nicholas Fearnley of Oxford Economics told the crowd about the macro-economic factors shaping construction and the urban rate of growth, and Simon Marr discussed ways to boost efficiency by changing the way contractors engage with crane companies.  

Paul van Gelder, Mammoet Global CEO, was the keynote speaker and gave an interesting presentation on what is required to achieve the 2030 energy transition.  He shared the reality that if countries are focusing on offshore wind to generate electricity there needs to be 25,000 wind turbines added, generating 300GW, year over year to meet the 2030 goals.  The supply chain for lifting and transport as well as raw materials necessary for component manufacturing cannot keep up with the volume of construction required over the next seven years.  Beyond the year-over-year capacity growth, there needs to be a 17 per cent growth tate year-over-year in electricity, produced by wind to achieve the fossil fuel offset.

On Friday, Australian representatives Pat Cran, Tom Clark, Andrew Taylor and Brandon Hitch presented at the Crane Safety Seminar. Key topics from Australia included:  Transport for NSW Dogging and Rigging Guide (Andrew and Tom), CrewSafe (Pat), and using adaptive learning for the Lift Supervisor Course (Brandon).

A Sense of Collaboration

The numerous networking opportunities allowed attendees to establish connections that will undoubtedly lead to meaningful partnerships and collaborations. Whether it was the exchange of details during coffee breaks or the enthusiastic discussions at the evening social events, the summit fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared purpose.

The Future

The World Crane and Transport Summit was an immersion into the future of an industry that plays a vital role in modern infrastructure development. 

The insights gained, relationships formed and innovations discovered will undoubtedly leave those who attended better informed, and CICA members are encouraged to attend future events.

Thank you to KHL for organising the event, and for inviting CICA to present at the summit.


CICA CEO, Brandon Hitch, attended the World Crane and Transport Summit.
CICA CEO Brandon Hitch presenting during the World Crane and Transport Summit.
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