A continued journey of ups and downs for the industry

Typically, there are ups and downs that our industry needs to navigate.  One of the recent ‘ups’ is that Western Australia has had the Certificate III + Skill set approved and gazetted. This was the result of a herculean amount of effort and persistence demonstrated by Anthony Grosser and the CICA WA branch executive.

Another positive that you’ll read about in this issue is the way our industry supports fundraisers and our community. From boat support crew to auctions, I repeatedly hear from people about how overwhelmed they are by the generosity and good heartedness of our members.

The federal election has and will result in some big changes, which we’ll be watching with keen interest.

On the ‘down’ side, supply chain and staff shortages continue to bite and Covid is unfortunately still causing disruption.

The CICA Board recently spent some time strategic planning and identifying mitigating issues that threaten our vision for a safe and sustainable industry. This is an important aspect of governance, to ensure that the appropriate resources that best suit our organisation and industry are being applied. As with all our volunteers, CICA is fortunate to benefit from experience and understanding from all facets of our industry.

I hope you’ll enjoy this issue and, as winter approaches, remember to stay safe. 

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