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700-tonne Liebherr mobile crane long reach on show in Germany

A Liebherr mobile crane lifts a chiller unit in Frankfurt.

A 700-tonne Liebherr mobile crane has successfully replaced chiller units at a height of 95m on the Kastor tower in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Deployed by German crane hire and heavy haulage contractor, Eisele AG, the assembly of the crane, lifting work, and disassembly needed to be completed within one weekend, due to the busy nature of the road the crane was operating on. Operating within a tight schedule to minimise traffic disruption, the team at Eisele began delivering and assembling support plates to the site on the Friday afternoon.

A surveyor worked on the site beforehand, analysing the location of where the plates could be laid down due to the presence of an underground railway line under the crane site. Because of this, the support pressure was limited to two tonnes per sqm, resulting in around 100 steel and bongossi timber load distribution plates placed under the crane and the outriggers.

Eventually, work began later that night on erecting the LTM 1650-8.1 in the T3YV2EN configuration with 150 tonnes of counterweight and a 77m-long luffing jib. The lifting work for the chiller unit replacement got underway early Saturday morning, with the crane’s telescopic boom extended to 51m. With its combined lattice extension and luffing jib, the LTM 1650-8.1 was able to successfully reach its required lifting height of 120m, with the heaviest components weighing five tonnes and the maximum radius being 62m. The work, ultimately, was completed by Sunday and everything was dismantled by Monday morning, allowing traffic to return to normal.

The 700-tonne Liebherr mobile crane possesses a maximum hoisting height of 152m, a maximum radius of 112m, and main telescopic boom length of 80m.


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