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250-tonne Liebherr cranes make light work of tandem lifts

Two 250-tonne Liebherr mobile cranes unload wind turbine components from a barge in Germany.

Two Liebherr cranes have been spotted completing tandem lifts when unloading wind turbine components in challenging conditions.

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Completing the lifts in Bielefeld, Germany, the two cranes unloaded the generator and hub of a wind turbine from a 70m barge, requiring precise coordination between the operators.

The components maxed out at 98 tonnes in weight, with both needing to be shifted by the 250-tonne Liebherrs. During the tandem lifts, the sensitive coordination of the two drivers was crucial in order to lift the load safely and set it down again on the heavy-duty vehicle, with the nacelle being handled by one crane. After two hours, all three components were unloaded and placed on the low-loaders.


The freight was then transported the last few kilometres from the port to the wind turbine construction site in north-west Germany with the help of three heavy-duty trucks.

Sales Manager at the German crane hire company Jandt Kranvermietung, Jens Lübeck, praised the performance of the company’s two LTM 1250-5.1 Liebherr cranes – especially considering the project was the first lift performed by one of the 250-tonne cranes.

“With the new crane, we have added a second LTM 1250-5.1 to our fleet; we are very satisfied with the first one and we can now swap equipment parts between the two machines,” he said. “Another important criterion for the Liebherr 250-tonner was its outstanding lifting capacity with its strong 60m telescopic boom.”

On top of its 250-tonne lifting capacity and 60m main boom, the LTM 1250-5.1 possesses the capacity to lift at heights of 108m and a radius of 96m thanks to its multi-functional folding jib, long lowering fixed jib. Carrying its chassis on five axles, the crane is currently the most powerful machine on five axles in the market. In tandem with its VarioBallast technology, the crane lends itself well to performing in constricted environments that require high lifting capacities.

Jandt Kranvermietung was founded in 1950 in Bielefeld, Germany. Today, the company possesses a fleet of over 25 cranes, with its newest LTM 1250-5.1 representing the largest capacity crane in its fleet.

Two 250-tonne Liebherr mobile cranes unload wind turbine components from a barge in Germany.
Image: Liebherr.
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