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CICA showcased on world stage

It’s hard to believe we are already over a third of the way through the year. It was great to catch up with those who were able to head over to ConExpo-CON/AGG in Las Vegas in March, to see the latest in Construction technology. 

This was the first time that CICA was invited to present at ConExpo, and Alice Edwards and Pat Cran did the Australian crane industry proud, educating over 150 construction professionals on crane basics.

It is very pleasing that the work done by CICA over the years is being recognised on the world stage with CICA leading the way on several projects with position papers.

ConExpo was well attended, with a strong Australian contingent as well, and we witnessed the evolution from the manufacturers regarding carbon emission reduction. 

In speaking to others, it is worth noting that skills and labour shortages and inflationary issues are not unique to Australia and New Zealand. All continents represented, presented very similar views on the labour market and the difficulties faced to attract and retain skilled labour, not only in the operator sector but also in the support functions 

This combination of a shortage of skilled construction workers and increased material and labour costs has resulted in slower delivery times and an increase in cost for home builds and major infrastructure projects.  

Unfortunately, these factors have resulted in more building companies becoming insolvent. Reports of companies bidding for work at or below cost during tough economic conditions is often referred to as “buying work”. 

The aim of this high-risk strategy is to keep a business solvent and allow it to maintain its core workforce until the market turns and more profitable work can be found. This strategy can be high-risk, however, because it can leave a business with no buffer against financial shocks and, if a business does become insolvent before the market turns, its creditors’ losses may be higher than they otherwise would have been. “Cash is king” but cash flow strategies must be sustainable, of course each business must make its own decisions in an informed way. 

If you need help with contracts or understanding your legal position if a company you are doing work for becomes insolvent, CICAASSIST is available to CICA members. CICAASSIST is provided through Holding Redlich which gives members free access via email or phone to workplace relations and safety advice 

CICAASSIST also gives members free access to a 7-day-a-week, 24-hour hotline service to contact a lawyer in the event of a serious work health & safety accident/incident or a workplace regulator intervention or any unlawful union right of entry / industrial action.

The CICAASSIST Hotline is 1800 HR LAWYER (1800 475 299 31) or alternatively, CICA members can email: . CICA members will receive initial free legal advice on how to manage the incident. If members wish to engage a lawyer through the CICAASSIST Help Desk, then discounted rates for legal services will apply.

CICA continues to work hard to ensure that the traineeships in WA and NSW grow in awareness and uptake. The appointment of Kate Galloway as traineeship coordinator for CICA will support the industry’s efforts and drive to improve our skills shortage. It is imperative that employers give trainees exposure to a wide range of skills.  It is tempting during the current skills crunch to have the trainee working as much as possible, particularly once they achieve their high-risk work licence. But time for skills growth and completion of all the components of the traineeship will ensure the trainee is competent and operates as safely as possible.  This will pay dividends for the employer in the future.

Ben Pieyre

CICA Board President

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