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2022: A year in review for Universal Cranes

The team was busy lifting, moving, building and constructing in 2022. As the world opened back up, so did the work opportunities – with Universal’s phones ringing off the hook and its crane yards empty most days. 

The team at Universal reflects on some of the key projects they worked on in 2022.

2022 January: Universal assembled and dismantled many tower cranes throughout 2022. The team also assisted Plungie lifting and transporting countless pools across QLD. Locally, the team assisted RMC Rail with installing new sections of railway line using Universal’s GMK5130-2.

2022 February: Universal’s Roma team worked with Ergon and AGL to swap out an engine, despite extreme heat and very poor ground conditions. Its 40t Franna swung into action at the Port of Brisbane to lift and move relieving slabs and the team assisted All Roads on a precast install with Universal’s LTM1230-5.1.

2022 March: The Brisbane team raised over $4,600 for Mater Foundation through the 31st RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run held on the 6 March. Universal’s Roma team replaced a 10ft radome communications tower at 65m height using its GMK5130-2. And the LTM1230-5.1 was positioned on one of the steepest hills in Brisbane, installing 3.85t Hollowcore planks at 50m radius.

The central QLD team installed a bridge using the GMK5220 and GMK4100.

2022 April: The maintenance team in Brisbane completed the 10 year service for the GMK7450 while Universal’s North QLD team refreshed their crane fleet with the new logo. Its GMK5130-2 took the barge over to South Stradbroke Island to install two Plungie MAX pool. 

2022 May: Universal assisted in the transportation and installation of Bridge Girders for the Exit 41 M1 Pacific Highway Upgrade in Yatala. Its LTM1230-5.1 assisted in unloading a 40t Piling Hammer locally and one of its 25t Frannas placed a motor into a new City Cat in Brisbane.

2022 June: Smithbridge Group won the QLD Excellence Award for Family Business Australia. In Brisbane the team carefully moved the Department of Transport and Main Road Cicada artwork using a 40t Franna and drop deck. Using  a LTM1350-6.1, the crew was tasked with lifting down the jump system, trailing deck and counterweights for a client, with an electrical spotter on site for a tricky set up between power lines in Brisbane.

2022 July: The team partnered with Newnham Trucking to provide a transport and install package for (RIS) Cross River Rail using a LTM1230-5.1 to install 2 x bridges and deck units at the Mayne Yard. Working at the Port of Brisbane, the team conducted a dual lift with a LTM1350-6.1 and a LTM1230-5.1. The central QLD team built a bridge locally using the GMK5220 and GMK4100. Universal celebrated ABC Australia’s 90th Birthday in Brisbane, lifting their sign as it lit up in an epic rendition of “I Am Australian”. Working with Universal Cranes Ballina, the team conducted a dual lift at the Bielsdown Bridge using an AC350/6 & Ballina’s GMK5130-2, installing 4 x 60t girders under traffic closure.

North QLD assembled a 2.1t overhead crane in Paget using 2 x Franna’s and a LTM1130-5.1

2022 August: Universal Cranes Brisbane lifted 12t culverts at 48m using the GMK7450. Its MC-305C lowered an AC unit on top of a high rise in Brisbane while the North QLD team assembled a 2.1t overhead crane in Paget for Eilbeck Cranes using 2 x Frannas and a LTM1130-5.1. Universal also completed the Palm Beach to Tugun Highway Upgrade using a CC2800 for girder installation for BR08 spans. Locally Universal assisted Caporn Piling using a M12000. 

2022 September: The team celebrated National Family Business Day in a classic Aussie way, with Universal treating the team to Australian-owned or Australian family business-owned morning tea items. The maintenance team completed one of the CKE2500’s 10 year inspection and in Brisbane the team conducted a 12-point lift for LAI Swithboards in tough conditions. 

2022 October: Universal’s Project & Heavy Lift division acquired the new LTR1100. Locally, one of its 40t Franna dismantled and loaded out a commercial printer while the recently purchased AC350/6 attended its first job: joining the GMK4100 and 4.9t Maeda cranes doing a precast panel install for Hutchinson Builders on the Pillowtalk project. At the Port of Melbourne, the M16000 was assisting with the demolition of a redundant section of concrete wharf and extending of the quay line by 71 metres. In Ballina the team relocated items from the Lismore Municipal Building as part of the restoration of the building post-flood, using a GMK4075.

Universal Cranes Project & Heavy Lift division acquired the new LTR1100

2022 November: The team participated in Movember and raised over $4,000! Universal’s AC350/6 and LTM1230-5.1 provided cranage to assist with the installation of bridge beams for QLD’s Mount Lindesay Highway upgrade. The team was honoured to win the CICA 2020 Lift of the Year > 20-tonne: Universal Cranes – Kettle Tub Replacement Project. Central QLD moved the Gladstone Star with the GMK5130-2 while the North QLD team supported Tidy Up Townsville, swinging into action with a Franna to help clear up the area!

2022 December: Universal’s LTM1230-5.1 demobilised and lifted out equipment on a capping beam with live traffic. The Roma team worked with Newland Group lifting and installing a 10t Hanger Roof for LifeFlight Australia using the AC80 and LTM1055-3.2. The company also held several end of year events to celebrate a successful and busy year. 

Universal Cranes began as a family crane hire business in 1993. While Universal Cranes has grown to become a national crane hire company, local families still own and operate branches throughout Queensland and New South Wales. This year the company is celebrating 30 years in operation. Stay tuned for all the birthday celebrations. 

Thank you to our wonderful team on their hard work and sacrifices!
Thank you to our customers for some awesome lifts and projects!
Thank you to our community that supports our dreams everyday!

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