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2020 Vic Mobile Crane Industry Traineeship

The VIC Mobile Crane Industry Traineeship is recognised as the gold standard method of delivering practical, technical and safety training to entrants.

The VIC Mobile Crane Industry Traineeship is recognised as the gold standard method of delivering practical, technical and safety training to industry entrants.

On 14 February 2020 the Victorian Mobile Crane Industry Traineeship Steering Committee held an Orientation and Open Day event at the CFMEU Training Facility. This event was attended by key stakeholders and was made possible by the valuable sponsorship support from Incolink, Liebherr, Tadano/Demag and the Victorian Trades Hall Council.

Open Day

Anne Duggan from the CFMEU Training Facility opened the day with a speech emphasising how CICA and the CFMEU are committed to ensuring Victoria’s Mobile Crane Traineeship is of a high quality and capable of delivering the learning outcomes the trainees need to be successful learners and workers.

Andy Chambers explained the benefits of the 2-year traineeship and how he works closely with crane companies to implement a program that will have the biggest impact on future growth and safety within the mobile crane industry. Andy also explained the importance and practice of logging and entering learning outcomes and experience, to record the progress of training in logbooks.

Crane and rigging demonstration

The eight 2019 trainees took part in a demonstration of their teamwork and the skills they had acquired over their first 12 months. The group was split into two and each group carried out two scenarios of lifts and rigging, so the trainees had the opportunity to showcase their technical skills and how they implement safety measures in this high-risk work environment.

Women working in the industry

Out of the ten new February 2020 trainees, four are women. These numbers highlight that the industry is an attractive option for women to achieve their career dreams and offers tremendous opportunities for all.

Victorian Crane Companies Participating for 2020

• P & D Rigging & Crane Hire

• Quinlan Cranes P/L

• Advance Cranes & Rigging

• Associated Rigging Australia

• Hydralift Cranes

• Independent Cranes

• Johnson Young Cranes

• McKay United Cranes

• Metcalf Crane Services

• Rigweld Crane Hire

• Sergi Crane

Traineeship and future growth

In February 2019 eight trainees commenced the 2-year Traineeship. In February 2020, 10 new trainees came on board and it appears at this stage that another 10 trainees will be commencing in July 2020. The growth in numbers indicates that industry is embracing the traineeship and the methodical and intensive training that many in the industry have been calling for. While the traineeship is still relatively new, the safety and competence of these trainees will have lifelong benefits for them individually and the industry as a whole.

New logo and video

The new logo for the traineeship was launched at the Open Day and gives the Victorian traineeship an independent identity. This branding will be used to promote the traineeship to the Victorian mobile crane industry, as it is only with their support that this traineeship remains viable. This video prepared by Trades Hall gives an overview of the program and is available for viewing.

If anyone you know is interested in learning more about the Victorian Mobile Crane Traineeship, contact Andy Chambers on 0477 577 667.

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